Dalton Lake

While in South Dakota, we found another trail using the AllTrails app. It was a little overzealous of us to decide to hike this one since it ended up being about 10 miles altogether. Halfway through I was ready to give up and call an Uber since it was all UPHILL, however Ken brought me back to reality by saying there’s no Uber out here… LOL. We didn’t have cell service the vast majority of the hike. But, lucky for us, it was an ”out and back” trail, so once we got to the lake and ate some lunch, the second half was all downhill and we were able to make it back to the trailhead before dark. Ken saw a couple of baby snakes on the hike, basically after I’d already tromped right by them (thinking of you, Stephanie!) It was a good hike in the end, but sore and tired after it was done. Most of the shots are beautiful scenery with no captions.

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