Wall Drug & checking out dispersed camping in Wall, SD

Wall Drug

We visited Wall, South Dakota on 2 different occasions. One with just the 2 of us in September, and another time in early October with our new friends that we met at the campground, Wayne and Susan. Wall Drug is a very tourist-y place whose claim to fame for many years has been ”FREE ICE WATER”, as seen on their various roadside billboards. There’s a story behind that, read more about it here. It was very much worth the effort to see and get some shopping in. We picked up a couple of Christmas presents while there. All of our pictures from both trips is in the gallery below.

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Crazy old-time animatronics that were in Wall Drug. Good luck getting this song out of your head!

Badlands Dispersed Campsites in Wall, SD

Dispersed camping is free camping with zero utilities (no water, electric, or sewer, also known as dry camping). I think if we had our solar and lithium upgrades before we went to see the dispersed camping area we would have stayed there a night or two. The buttes were breathtaking! I had heard of some rv’s needing tie-downs if the winds picked up so they wouldn’t be blown down into the buttes, but Ken thought that was ridiculous, LOL.