Wind Cave

Wind cave is a national park located in the southwestern corner of South Dakota. It was the 7th national park and the first cave added to the national park system. The cave notably has calcite formations known as boxwork. Approximately 95 percent of the world’s discovered boxwork formations are found in Wind Cave.

Boxwork can be explained as follows: Imagine a brick and mortar wall. Now replace the bricks with sugar cubes. Now run water over the wall and let the sugar cubes melt away. What is left is boxwork.

As of 2021, this cave has over 154 miles of explored passageways.

The cave is said to breathe, as it exchanges air based on the air pressure inside the cave compared to the air pressure outside the cave. When we visited the air pressure inside the cave was greater than the air pressure outside the cave so the cave was “exhaling”. See the video below where the park ranger holds the streamer next to the natural caves opening.

This is a sacred site to the Lakota Nation. Check out the photo of the sign that gives a brief explanation as to why this site is sacred.

We were joined on this adventure by our friends Wayne and Susan.

Hi Wayne and Susan!!!

Here are some pictures of the cave.

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